Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions


Automation Solutions by PLC Technologies South Africa

PLC Technologies solutions are already at work in a global array of industrial automation applications both demanding and routine, including manufacturing automation, robotics, operator interfaces, PLCs/drives, instrumentation and specialized monitor and control applications.

factory-automation-smallFactory Automation

PLC Technologies works with its partners to develop factory automation solutions for many sectors in the manufacturing world. We also understand what is needed to overcome today’s challenges: the need to compete at lower cost per unit; the need for higher quality parts and components; the need for breaking-edge technologies. Backhoe Manufacturer Implements Wireless Technology | PLC Technologies Improves Efficiency at Baked Goods Plant | Protect Equipment with USB Isolators | Strong Enough USB Isolation


PLC Technologies has provided instrumentation data solutions for customers around the world – from pharmaceutical/medical/marine laboratories, energy utilities and refineries, water/waste-water facilities, industrial/vehicle/print manufacturers, city/state/federal governments, hotels/motels/casinos/sports arenas, agriculture, to media communications and so much more. Serial to WiFi (802.11) for Ship Board Communications | Specialized Testing and Analysis System for Global Warming and Hydrocarbon Testing by Geotek | Real Time Monitoring of a Live Volcano

monitor-and-control-smallMonitor & Control

PLC Technologies helps customers around the world with data monitoring and control solutions. From initial scope and understanding of project needs and objectives to creating an innovative and integrated solution, PLC Technologies is glad to help. Wireless Monitoring of Grain Elevators and Conveyors | Intelligent Control Automation with Serial Conversion on the Plant Floor | Troubleshooting Medical Equipment | Robotic Submarine

oem-equipment-smallOEM Equipment

Embed connectivity in your OEM products or instantly expand your product offering – from a simple label change to a complete make-over with a custom label, case color, documentation and packaging. We do this all the time for companies whose names you would recognise. Design Improvements for Monitoring Laboratory Equipment | OEM Embedded Wi-Fi for Mobile Devices | Robots to the Rescue