Get solutions that meet your industry's specific needs – no matter the size of your organization. PLC Technologies is in the business of solving problems. We set new standards in industrial automation, electrical and mechanical systems by providing a uniquely tailored blend of products, engineering services and innovative technology. See how our products and services work together as an integrated whole to improve performance, reduce risk and add value to every area of your operation.

Enterprise IT

enterprise-it-smallNetworks may contain any combination of copper cable, fiber optics, wireless or cellular connections, and they may need to connect anything from legacy serial devices to tablets and smart phones.


Energy & Natural Resources

energy-natural-resources-smallWe serve the entire spectrum of Energy Industry applications.  Some of the world’s harshest environments are found in Mines, Petroleum, Oil & Gas installations, Power generation facilities and Wastewater Treatment operations.



security-smallReach, Reliability and Rugged.  Networking applications in the security sector are all defined by some combination of the three "Rs" of connectivity.   Extend your network's reach via wireless.


Custom & Oem Solutions

custom-oem-solutions-smallWhen a standard product doesn’t work, PLC Technologies can engineer a solution for you. Teaming expert engineering with in-house manufacturing, PLC Technologies can provide turn-key solutions for your unique data communication problem.


Industrial Automation

industrial-automation-smallOur solutions are already at work in a global array of automation applications both demanding and routine, including automation, robotics, operator interfaces, PLCs/drives and instrumentation applications.


Transaction Mangement

transaction-management-smallATMs, ticketing and lottery machines, POS devices and kiosks are normally placed in locations that are convenient for their human users.  But they are rarely convenient for the network designers who need to send the data to a central controller.



transportation-smallTransportation is still the lifeblood of modern commerce – Whether you’re concerned with signal conversion between legacy equipment and new devices or extending your network, PLC Technologies have a solution.