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generator installationsGenerator Installations by PLC Technologies

PLC Technologies is at the forefront of supplying generator installations and services across the globe. Our work portfolio comprises installation and maintenance of generators across South Africa in the following areas, to name but a few: Production Plants, Industrial Factories, Banks, hospitals, financial institutions, data centres, prisons, hotels, residential and office buildings.

With over 10 years’ experience of installing and maintaining diesel generators, we are confident our company can support you in your enquiry. PLC Technologies employ trained service technicians that will provide you with quality Generator Installations, service and maintenance for your generator. Contact our office today to request a free estimate and pricing information.


  • Qualified Electrical Engineers
  • On staff – master electricians
  • Full staff of licensed electricians
  • Factory certified technicians
  • Technically oriented sales staff

Pre-Installation Process

Prior to installing your industrial or commercial generator, we’ll obtain all permits and authorizations. We’ll also visit with you about the best place to install the generator, keeping noise and your beautiful landscape in mind.

The Installation Process

  1. The installation process starts with prepping the area where the industrial or commercial generator will be located. A concrete slab will then be poured to meet manufacturers’ specifications, should it be required on site.
  2. Once your concrete has cured, the generator can be put into place. How we put it into place is determined by the size of your generator. An off-road forklift is needed in many cases.
  3. Once the generator is in place, we bolt the unit to the concrete slab. With the generator in place, it’s now time for electrical and plumbing. Our electrician will dig a trench to run all electrical underground. The transfer switch will then be mounted on the wall and all conduits will be connected together. All electrical wires will be pulled through the conduit. At this time we’ll cut off all electricity to your home or business. Electricity will be off for about an hour. Once all electric connections are made, we’ll restore your power.
  4. All connections are made at the generator and proper gas pressure will be set using a regulator. At this point we’ll hook up the battery. Once this is done, we are ready to start the generator.
  5. We’ll perform a “start up” on your generator. A start up consists of making sure the engine is running at peak performance and testing for proper voltage and frequency. (Only a qualified technician should attempt this.) When your generator is running properly, we’re ready to transfer load to the generator. This will be done in small increments. As a load is applied, we’ll continue to monitor the voltage and frequency as well as watch the amps that your home or business is pulling. (We never want to overload the generator.) Once the “start up” has been finished, all warranty paperwork will be filled out and sent to the client


  • Time needed for installation will depend on many factors:
  • Authorizations and permitting
  • Size of your generator and equipment
  • Number of engineers needed to install it, the inspectors’ schedules, and the weather.

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