USB Connectivity

USB  with Industrial Ruggedness

usb connectivity largeUSB Connectivity by PLC Technologies South Africa

USB has benefits that outweigh the risks. A factory floor is no place for wimpy devices that you pick up at your local electronics store. Unless of course, you’re willing to play Russian roulette with some pretty expensive equipment. Have you ever walked to the other side of your plant to reconnect a cable that has shaken loose? A hassle. As an Industrial, Medical, Laboratory or Field Services interface. But, you can reduce your odds of disaster with simple fixes, like high retention ports and isolation.

Industrial USB Hubsindustrial usb hubs small

Our range of hubs includes award-winning products that are EMC tested and designed for the harshest environments. Whether you want an industrial grade product or an OEM embedded hub module, our selection include cost-effective options that provide durability, flexibility, and high performance.

USB Isolatorsusb isolatorssmall

B&B Electronics has all the Isolators you need to provide protection against harmful noise, ground loops, surges, and spikes.  From compact port isolators for field service applications to EMC tested rugged isolators for unfriendly electrical environments, our products will keep your computer and data secure and safe.

USB to Serial Convertersusb to serial adapters small

We carry all types of USB to RS-232 converter models including ruggedized, in-line, panel mount, isolated, multi-port, single port, and more. Our converters offer simple, superior connectivity solutions for a variety of applications in banking, retail, industrial, field service, instrumentation, point-of-sale, security, and labs.

usb over ethernet hub smallUSB Over Ethernet Hub

Our USB over Ethernet hub is easy to set up and install. Access remote devices including IP cameras with this simple solution. This hub is the perfect choice for a variety of applications including manufacturing control, security systems, and point-of-sale.

usb-extenders-smallUSB Extenders

Take advantage of the flexibility with our easy to install extenders. Our selection includes solutions for extending over Cat 5 cables, wireless technology , and fiber optic cables. These extenders are ideal for applications in security, medical imaging, point-of sale, remote desktop, automotive telematics, and more.