USB Connectivity

usb largeUSB has become a popular communications choice for many devices in the industrial automation market and benefits that outweigh the risks. The universal serial bus has become a popular communicatios choice for many devices in the industrial automation market. Our dapters are designed for high-speed transmissions and provide simple, transparent conversion. Standard cables, with A type to B type connections, are also available in lengths up to 5m.

A factory floor is no place for wimpy devices that you pick up at your local electronics store. Unless of course, you’re willing to play Russian roulette with some pretty expensive equipment. Have you ever walked to the other side of your plant to reconnect a cable that has shaken loose? A hassle. As an Industrial, Medical, Laboratory or Field Services interface. But, you can reduce your odds of disaster with simple fixes, like high retention ports and isolation.

Serial Converters

usb serial converters smallOur USB Serial Converters are used to convert RS232 signals to USB or to convert USB to RS232 signals.



usb hubs smallOur range of hubs includes award-winning products that are EMC tested and designed for the harshest environments.

USB Over Ethernet

usb ethernet hub smallAccess remote devices including IP cameras, Keyboard and Mouse with this 4 Port USB Over Ethernet Hub.



Extend the standard USB reach far beyond the 5 meters Limitation. Available in 2 Port and 4 Port.



Panel Mount Isolators are EMC tested and provide protection against harmful noise, ground loops, surges, and spikes.