Serial Adapters

Serial Adapters

serial adapters largeSerial Adapters by PLC Technologies South Africa

Serial Adapters play a critical role in the physical connection between two serial devices. Whether you need serial data switches, adapters, port splitters or combiners, PLC Technologies is the best resource for all your serial connectivity solutions.

Serial Port Splittersserial port splitters small

With our serial port splitters and serial adapters you gain reliability by capturing data from one peripheral on redundant PCs.  By allowing you to share multiple PCs on a single peripheral, these serial RS-232 splitters also help improve your system’s economy.

Serial Port Combinersserial port combiners small

Serial port combiners and serial adapters allow you to monitor and control multiple scales, scanners, terminals or other serial devices with a single PC. Ideal for devices that require only intermittent PC access.

Serial Data Tapsserial data taps small

With serial data taps you can tap in on a serial data stream and transparently feed another monitor, printer or other device. Dipswitches on RS-232 data tap Models 9PCDT and 232CDT allow programming to monitor the main Transmit and Receive data lines individually or together.

RS232 Mini Testerrs232 mini tester small

Troubleshooting is made easy with this RS-232 mini tester that checks for failures and helps identify cable and connection problem areas.

Serial Data Switchesserial data switches small

Our user-friendly serial data switches are versatile, intelligent, and allow for seamless communication between your PC and multiple RS-232 devices.