Ethernet Coaxial Extenders

Ethernet Coaxial Extenders

ethernet coaxial extenders largeEthernet Coaxial Extenders by PLC Technologies South Africa

Ethernet Coaxial Extenders fully complies with IEEE802.3 10BaseT and IEEE 802.3u 100BaseTX standards. Two EIS EXTEND-C models are required for the Ethernet extension, (one at each end of your extension points). These Ethernet Coaxial Extenders can be used with included power supply or in the EIS-RACK-16, 19 inch rack mount chassis, which can house up to 16 EIS-EXTEND-C units or EIS Media Converters. Ethernet Coaxial Extenders for 10/100 Networks Extend Ethernet Coaxial Connections Up to 8530 Feet. PLC Technologies Coaxial Extenders can be used in commercial and industrial applications and come with a standard 5 year warranty.

A pair of extenders are required for a connection between two points.

PDF Model Description
adobe_icon EIR-EXTEND-C Hardened 10/100 Base-TX Coaxial Extender
adobe_icon EIS-EXTEND-C Ethernet Copper Coaxial (Includes power supply)


  • One 10/100Base TX (TX) Ethernet port with RJ-45 connector
  • Auto negotiation of speed and duplex mode on TX port
  • Auto MDI/MDIX on Ethernet port
  •  IEEE 802.3 10BaseT and IEEE 802.3u 100BaseTX compliant
  •  Line port uses BNC connector or F-Type connector
  •  Line port link is full-duplex up to 85Mbps over existing coaxial cable
  •  One DIP switch for configuring local or remote mode
  •  Status LED’s for monitoring and connection status
  •  External AC to DC power adapter included
  •  Used as a stand-alone Ethernet over coaxial extender or with a 19 inch rack chassis


Ethernet Coaxial Extenders can be used in a variety of applications. Below is a typical example of how the extenders can be used in a industrial application. In the example below the ethernet coaxial extenders are use to connect the plantfloor with instrumentation systems over a distance of 1900m.

ethernet coaxial extenders medium

Speed Distance Up To
1 Mbps 2600 m
10 Mbps 2400 m
20 Mbps 1800 m
30 Mbps 1600 m
50 Mbps 1200 m
70 Mbps 600 m
85 Mbps 200 m