Perkins Generators

Perkins Generators

perkins-generators-largeOur Perkins Generators have been helping businesses by providing backup power for thousands of different applications. Known for its advanced engineering and technology and has become synonymous with high-performance diesel generators. Businesses that call for backup power have trusted Perkins generators with their needs for several decades, and the present is no different. PLC Technologies South Africa manufacture a full range of sizes from 12KVA to 1000KVA.

All of the silent diesel generators in South Africa we sell here at PLC Technologiesare manufactured with OEM components and come with comprehensive warranties as standard. They are ideal for industrial use, can be used in emergencies, and are totally reliable for standby or mains power.

Our generators are extremely quiet and made from high-quality components, making them a popular choice with a diverse range of customers.  With so many models available and the best price guarantee, we are confident you will find just what you need here at PLC Technologies South Africa, contact us today for the best deals on Diesel Generators in South Africa.

Perkins Generators Sizes

Engine KVA Alternator Silent Canopy AMF Panel
Perkins 13 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 20 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 27 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 30 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 45 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 60 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 65 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 80 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 100 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 130 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 150 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 180 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 200 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 250 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 300 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 400 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 500 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 600 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 650 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 800 Evotec Optional Optional
Perkins 1000 Evotec Optional Optional

Generators Include

  • Warranty: 1 year/1000 hours of operation – T&C applicable
  • Stainless Steel exhausts
  • Steel base frame with built in fuel tank
  • 1.6mm/2mm Powdercoated steel canopy 75DB @ 7M (sound levels are model dependent)
  • Automatic Mains Failure Panel with Deep Sea Electronics Controller
  • Standard Canopy colour – GREY, additional colours available on enquiry
  • Altitude de-rating applicable on non-turbo engines
  • Standard alternator – Evotec

Canopies and Containers

PLC Technologies canopies and containers are sound and weather proof, normal canopy’s are 74 decibels at 10 meter distance and super silent canopy’s 50 decibels at 10 meter distance. Canopies can be manufactured from mild steel or stainless steel and are fitted with lever locks. All units have a base tank which range from a 130LTs to 1000LTs depending on the size of the generator. Stand-Alone tanks are also available in multiple sizes ranging from 500LT to 3000LT.

Synchronization of Generators

PLC Technologies also specialise in synchronization of generators. Generators with an auto start panel have protection such as, Battery charger, Hertz, Amp, and Volt meters. Generators with key start have, Volt, Amp, and Hour meters.

Engine Protection

All engines come with protection such as low oil, high temperature, over or under speed, charge failure and high or low voltage.

Customised Generators

Extras are welcome including diesel pumps for external tanks, heater jacket, drip trays, exhaust extensions, surge arrestor, GSM modem and Gateway modems. PLC Technologies has its own experienced installation and service crews.

AMF Panels (Automatic Mains Failure)

AMF panels are used where the local utility mains supply is backed up by an appropriately sized generating set. The AMF panel monitors the local mains supply; if this supply should fail, or fall outside preset limits the AMF panel will control the pre-heating, fuel solenoid and starting of the generating set. The AMF panel will then control the switching of the load from the local supply to the generator. Whilst the generator is running the AMF panel will monitor vital engine and alternator parameters safely stopping the generator should a fault condition occur. On return of the local supply the AMF panel will monitor the Supply to ensure it is stable and then transfer the load from the generator back to the local supply. The AMF panel will run the generator on for a pre-determined time to allow for any cool down periods required for the generating set. Once this time has elapsed the AMF panel will control the stopping of the generator. PLC Technologies manufactures a wide variety of AMF Panels for all your Generator requirements.

Generator Installation done by Professionals

PLC Technologies is at the forefront of supplying generator installation services across the globe. Our work portfolio comprises installation and maintenance of generators across South Africa in the following areas, to name but a few: Production Plants, Industrial Factories, Banks, hospitals, financial institutions, data centres, prisons, hotels, residential and office buildings.

Generator Installation

Generator Maintenance services for complete piece of mind

PLC Technologies follow our own custom written Generator Maintenance procedures that includes more than 50 individual checks on various parts of the generator and transfer switch that either meets or exceeds the requirements for life-safety applications

Generator Maintenance

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us should you require a FREE quote for Perkins generators. Our friendly and highly trained sales team is ready to assist you and help you choose the perfect emergency or prime generator.