HMI or Human Machine Interface

hmi largeA HMI or Human Machine Interface is a graphical interface that allows humans and machines to interact. This is the primary tool by which operators and line supervisors coordinate and control the industrial and manufacturing processes in the plant. Displaying near real-time operational information is the domain of the Human Machine Interface. Visual process graphics give meaning and context to motor and valve status, tank levels and other process parameters. The HMI gives operational insight into the process and enable control and optimization by regulating production and process targets.

The advantages provided by incorporating Human Machine Interface includes error reduction, increased system and user efficiency, improved reliability and maintainability, increased user acceptance and user comfort, reduction in training and skill requirements, reduction in physical or mental stress for users, reduction in task saturation, increased economy of production and productivity, etc. PLC Technologies empowers innovators from around the world with the ability to standardize and visualize their entire enterprise.

Delta Electronics

delta-hmi-small4.3" to 15"

Delta Electronics HMI panels provide various touch screens with multiple dimensions and colors.



siemens-hmi-small4″ to 12″

Siemens SIMATIC HMI Panels are the ideal entry-level series for simple Human Machine Interface applications.