9130 UPS

9130 UPS

9130 ups large9130 UPS by Eaton

The Eaton 9130 UPS delivers online backup power and scalable battery runtimes for servers, voice and data networks, storage systems and other IT equipment. With an efficiency rating of >95%, the 9130 UPS cuts energy costs while significantly extending battery service life with ABM technology. The 9130 UPS also has a bright LCD user interface to simplify monitoring.


PDF Part Nr Voltage Rating Run-Time Topology Design
103006434-6591 230V 1KVA On-Line Superior Tower
103006435-6591 230V 1.5KVA On-Line Superior Tower
103006436-6591 230V 2KVA On-Line Superior Tower
103006437-6591 230V 3KVA On-Line Superior Tower
103007842-6591 230V 6KVA On-Line Superior Tower
103006438-6591 230V 1KVA EBM Extended Battery Module Tower
103006439-6591 230V 1.5KVA EBM Extended Battery Module Tower
103006440-6591 230V 2KVA/3KVA EBM Extended Battery Module Tower
103007843-6591 230V 5KVA/6KVA EBM Extended Battery Module Tower
103006455-6591 230V 1KVA On-Line Superior Rack-Mount
103006456-6591 230V 1.5KVA On-Line Superior Rack-Mount
103006457-6591 230V 2KVA On-Line Superior Rack-Mount
103006463-6591 230V 3KVA On-Line Superior Rack-Mount
103006458-6591 230V 1KVA EBM Extended Battery Module Rack-Mount
103006459-6591 230V 1.5KVA EBM Extended Battery Module Rack-Mount
103006460-6591 230V 2KVA/3KVA EBM Extended Battery Module Rack-Mount

Increased Battery Life

Eaton offers ABM technology that increases battery service life by 50 percent. ABM uses an advanced, three-stage charging technique and closely monitors battery health to provide advanced notice when batteries need replacement.

More Power

The 9130 allows you to connect more devices and leave room for expanding IT systems by providing up to 28 percent more wattage compared to traditional UPSs.

Total Cost of Ownership

The 9130 can help cut energy usage costs with >95% efficiency rating in high efficiency mode and can provide more real output power per each dollar spent with a 0.9 power factor

Intelligent Power Software Suite

By incorporating Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software, you get the tools needed to monitor and manage power equipment in your physical and virtual environments, keeping IT devices up and running during a power or environmental event. Best integrated when combined with the Network Card-MS, IPM enables you to:

  • Ensure system uptime and data integrity by remotely monitoring, managing and controlling devices on your network from a web-based interface
  • Integrate seamlessly with several virtualization platforms, such as VMware’s vRealize Operations Manager and vCenter dashboard, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft SCOM, Red Hat and other Xen open source platforms
  • Automate load shedding, power capping and failover to a disaster site
  • Achieve the same amount of runtime with fewer batteries using load shedding

UPS Installation done by Professionals

PLC Technologies is at the forefront of supplying UPS installation services across the globe. Our work portfolio comprises installation and maintenance of uninterruptible power supplies across South Africa in the following areas, to name but a few: Production Plants, Industrial Factories, Banks, hospitals, financial institutions, data centres, prisons, hotels, residential and office buildings.

UPS Installation

UPS Maintenance services for complete piece of mind

PLC Technologies follow our own custom written UPS Maintenance procedures that includes more than 50 individual checks on various parts of the UPS and Batteries that either meets or exceeds the requirements for life-safety applications.

UPS Maintenance

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