EH UPS LargeEH UPS by Delta Electronics

The EH UPS is a true online, double-conversion Delta Electronics UPS. It is a proven power solution for IT rooms, telecommunications, banking, medical facilities, laboratories, and other settings in which mission critical applications cannot be disrupted. True online double-conversion UPS technology isolates the output power and protects it from input anomalies. The dual input design of the Ultron EH UPS provides enhanced availability by accommodating different power supply sources.

By accepting a wide input voltage range, EH UPS units reduce probability of battery discharge to prolong battery life. Even if the UPS is under maintenance, a continuous supply of power to the load can be maintained by the use of the built-in manual bypass. For a modest initial investment, the double-conversion UPS series – EH provides both outstanding quality and one of the lowest costs of ownership for UPS systems within the 10-20 kVA range. To shrink the cost of operation even more, the units can be run in ECO mode for efficiency of up to 96%. PLC Technologies supplies the entire range of Delta Electronics EH UPS systems to the industry.


PDF Model Power Rating Voltage
adobe_icon EH-10K 10kVA / 8kW 220/380 Vac, 230/400 Vac
adobe_icon EH-15K 15kVA / 12kW 220/380 Vac, 230/400 Vac
adobe_icon EH-20K 20kVA / 16kW 220/380 Vac, 230/400 Vac


  • True online double-conversion technology to completely isolate the output power from all input anomalies.
  • DSP based technology to support rapid computation capability and a simplified control circuit for enhanced stability.
  • Dual input design to allow different power supply sources for enhanced availability.
  • Built-in manual bypass to ensure continuous power to the load even if the UPS fails.

Best Total Cost of Ownership

  • A wide input voltage range to reduce battery discharge probability and prolong battery life.
  • ECO mode efficiency up to 96% to reduce operating cost.
  • Small footprint to save space.

High Flexibility

  • Parallel expansion and N+X redundancy up to 4 units without requiring additional hardware.
  • Additional charger and external charger box for flexible capacity expansion.
  • Remote and local emergency power-off functions (EPO) to promptly manage the UPS when emergencies occur.

Easy Manageability

  • Multi-connectivity interface to support remote UPS monitoring and management.
  • Advanced management software to provide event alert management, remote shutdown event log tracking and analysis.
  • Reliable battery management for better battery protection.


  • Datacenter
  • Telecom
  • Industrial Network
  • Security
  • Banking
  • Lab
  • Medical
  • Metro
  • Retail

UPS Installation done by Professionals

PLC Technologies is at the forefront of supplying UPS installation services across the globe. Our work portfolio comprises installation and maintenance of uninterruptible power supplies across South Africa in the following areas, to name but a few: Production Plants, Industrial Factories, Banks, hospitals, financial institutions, data centres, prisons, hotels, residential and office buildings.

UPS Installation

UPS Maintenance services for complete piece of mind

PLC Technologies follow our own custom written UPS Maintenance procedures that includes more than 50 individual checks on various parts of the UPS and Batteries that either meets or exceeds the requirements for life-safety applications.

UPS Maintenance

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