DPH UPS LargeDPH UPS by Delta Electronics

The DPH UPS is a modular UPS used extensively for critical operations, since it provides 25% more power output compared to power factor 0.8 UPS systems. Designed for the most stringent datacenter requirements, the Delta Electronics Modulon DPH UPS offers the highest possible availability. With its modular structure, the true on-line, double conversion, three-phase Modulon DPH UPS system offers a scalable architecture for optimal power designs. It provides 25kW to 200kW of uninterruptible power with additional 800kW capacity in parallel. The Modulon DPH Series’ scalable architecture is available in a 19″ enclosure, and supports vertical and horizontal expansion for versatile installation arrangements.

Integration of your power distribution can take shape within the same rack or in parallel rack enclosures. Optimal placement is ultimately decided by the needs of the datacenter, not the limitations of the Delta Electronics DPH UPS system. Built-in redundancy guarantees a continued power supply for mission critical applications, and the fully fault-tolerant design of the Delta Electronics Modulon DPH UPS Series offers self-redundancy for the control mechanism, cooling and power modules. Mean time to repair (MTTR) is close to zero, due to hot-swappable functionality for all critical components.

In the event of failure by the main module, full control logic enables the system to self-synchronize and switch to the backup, for a seamless transition with no disruption to operations. Delta’s Modulon DPH UPS provides one of the highest efficiency ratings in its class. With fully rated power, this modular 3 phase UPS delivers maximum power capacity, better power protection and quality to the load. Scalability, availability, and efficiency distinguish the Delta Electronics Modulon DPH UPS as the best solution for power protection and distribution in your data centers. PLC Technologies supplies a full range of Delta Electronics Modulon DPH UPS systems to the Industry.


Model Power Rating Voltage
DPH 75kW System 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 kVA 380/220V, 400/230V, 415/240V
DPH 150kW System
25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 kVA 380/220V, 400/230V, 415/240V
DPH 200kW System 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 kVA 380/220V, 400/230V, 415/240V


  • Advanced fault-tolerant design achieved by self redundancy to guarantee operation continuity
  • Self-synchronization of power and control modules for continuous on-line operation even in the event of control module failure to avoid downtime caused by single point failure
  • Hot-swappable key modules and components to ensure Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) close to zero without downtime risk
  • Wide input voltage range of -45% to +25% and narrow output voltage regulation window to cope with harsh utility conditions and seamlessly provide stable power supply to the load
  • High overload protection to support 125% overload for 10 minutes and 150% for 1 minute

High Scalability

  • Vertical expansion from 25kW to 75/150/200kW supporting N+X redundancy in a single rack enclosure to save footprint
  • Parallel expansion up to four units without requiring additional hardware
  • Variable configurations possible providing the scalable flexibility up to Tier 4 standard

Excellent Power Performance and Efficiency

  • Fully rated power (kVA=kW) to maximize power availability
  • High AC-AC operating efficiency of 95% at 30% light load and 96% from 50% load resulting in marked energy cost savings
  • Low harmonic pollution (iTHD<3%) to reduce upstream investment costs and meet demanding power requirements

Easy Maintenance

  • Built-in manual bypass features to eliminate maintenance-related downtime
  • Proactive detection of fan failure and switch fault for early diagnosis on UPS malfunction
  • Plug and play to simplify the maintenance process


  • Datacenter
  • Telecom
  • Industrial
  • Network
  • Security
  • Lab
  • Medical
  • Metro
  • Banking

UPS Installation done by Professionals

PLC Technologies is at the forefront of supplying UPS installation services across the globe. Our work portfolio comprises installation and maintenance of uninterruptible power supplies across South Africa in the following areas, to name but a few: Production Plants, Industrial Factories, Banks, hospitals, financial institutions, data centres, prisons, hotels, residential and office buildings.

UPS Installation

UPS Maintenance services for complete piece of mind

PLC Technologies follow our own custom written UPS Maintenance procedures that includes more than 50 individual checks on various parts of the UPS and Batteries that either meets or exceeds the requirements for life-safety applications.

UPS Maintenance

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