dop hmi largeDOP HMI by Delta Electronics

The DOP HMI provides various touch screens with multiple dimensions and colors. It also offers fast and convenient control functions for industrial automation machines. With DOPSoft, users can quickly edit images and graphs and easily set suitable communication protocol. More applications can be created, edited, downloaded and uploaded onto the Delta DOP HMI.

The advantages provided by incorporating a Delta Electronics Human Machine Interface include error reduction, increased system and user efficiency, improved reliability and maintainability, increased user acceptance and user comfort, reduction in training and skill requirements, reduction in physical or mental stress for users, reduction in task saturation, increased economy of production and productivity, etc. PLC Technologies is the leading supplier of the Delta DOP HMI to the Industry.


Image PDF Model Screen Size Colors Keys Communication
Image adobe_icon TP02G-AS1 160 x 32 Mono 16
Image adobe_icon TP04G-AS2 128 x 64 Mono RS-232/RS-422/RS-485
Image adobe_icon TP04G-AL2 4.1″ Mono RS-232/RS-422/RS-485
Image adobe_icon TP08G-BT2 240 x 128 Mono 24
Image adobe_icon DOP-B03S211 4.3″ 65.536 RS-232/485/422
Image adobe_icon DOP-B03E211 4.3″ 65.536 RS-232/485/422/Ethernet
Image adobe_icon DOP-B05S111 5.6″ 65.536 RS-232/485/422
Image adobe_icon DOP-B07S515 7″ 65.536 RS-232/485/422
Image adobe_icon DOP-B07E515 7″ 65.536 RS-232/485/422/Ethernet
Image adobe_icon DOP-B07S411 7″ 65.536 RS-232/485/422
Image adobe_icon DOP-B07S411K 7″ 65.536 8 RS-232/485/422
Image adobe_icon DOP-B07S415 7″ 65.536 Ethernet
Image adobe_icon DOP-B08S515 8″ 65.536 RS-232/485/422
Image adobe_icon DOP-B08E515 8″ 65.536 RS-232/485/422/Ethernet
Image adobe_icon DOP-B10S615 10″ 65.536 RS-232/485/422
Image adobe_icon DOP-B10E615 10″ 65.536 RS-232/485/422/Ethernet
Image adobe_icon DOP-W127B 12″ 65.536 Ethernet
Image adobe_icon DOP-W157B 15″ 65.536 Ethernet


The DOP-B series provides various types and different sizes of touch panel HMIs with multiple dimensions and colors, and also offers fast and convenient control functions to meet the diverse application requirements demanded of industrial automation machines.


Three serial communication interfaces (RS-232/RS-422/RS-485), USB disk, Ethernet, audio output, SD card and more are supported for various applications.

Not just Delta industrial automation products, but more than 30 brands, and over 100 models of PLCs or controllers can be connected for effortless communication and versatile operation.

High Quality Display

A full 65,536-color display is available on all models. With a whole new 2D drawing technique, the screen resolution is enhanced for more realistic images and for more colorful and vivid displays. All models are equipped with LED backlights which provide energy-efficient lighting that is made without mercury, reduces energy use and CO2 emissions, and protects the environment.

Audio Output Interface

In case of errors, an alarm alerts users via an audio message in real time.

Provides Diverse Communication Interfaces

All DOP series models support RS-232/485/422 communication interfaces and over 20 different PLC/Controller drivers. With the aid of an Ethernet interface, it is possible to use four communication interfaces at the same time, easily connecting to various industrial automation devices for a complete communication network link managed by Delta’s new DOP series.




DOPSoft V2.00.04

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