B&B Smartworx

B&B Smartworx

Advantech B&B Smartworx, provides intelligent M2M and IoT connectivity solutions for wireless and wired networks. The company designs and builds device connectivity and network infrastructure products that deliver intelligent connectivity at the “edge” of networks in remote and demanding environments. After three decades of growth and over 3 million M2M connections with success stories around the world, B&B has acquired a global reputation as a manufacturer of resilient, reliable data connectivity hardware products.

The emerging Industrial Internet of Things has transformed data networking, and B&B has responded to both the need — and the opportunity — to transform as a company. A critical part of that transformation was the development of B&B’s advanced IoT technologies. These “intelligence at the network edge” platforms led the company to a new position in the Internet of Things industry and drove the decision in 2015 to change its name to B+B SmartWorx. PLC Technologies is the sole distributor for the B&B Smartworx full range of products in South Africa and Africa.


PLC Technologies has RS232/422/485 to fiber optic converters, repeaters, protocol converters, and much more.

PCI Express

PLC Technologies offer the most reliable and powerful PCI Express serial communication cards.


Serial Isolators will protect all your Serial equipment against any unwanted conditions.

Surge Protectors

Protect your serial equipment and data from harmful power surges and voltage spikes with industrial surge protectors.


Serial Adapters play a critical role in the physical connection between two serial devices.

Serial Servers

Our Mini Ethernet to serial servers converter Ethernet Signals to RS232/422/485 and vice versa.

Modbus Gateways

Modbus Gateways and protocol converters offer cost-effective ways to facilitate network integration.

Fiber Converters

Our Fiber Converters allow the Ethernet LAN to be extended beyond the normal 100 meter limit.


We offer managed, unmanaged, industrial grade, ultra-compact, DIN-rail mount, multi-ports, PoE, gigabit options, and more.

Serial Converters

Our USB Serial Converters are used to convert RS232 signals to USB or to convert USB to RS232 signals.

LAN Extenders

LAN Extenders are cost-effective solutions for extending your Ethernet LAN connections up to 1,900 m.

USB Hubs

Our range of hubs includes award-winning products that are EMC tested and designed for the harshest environments.

USB Over Ethernet

Access remote devices including IP cameras, Keyboard and Mouse with this 4 Port USB Over Ethernet Hub.


Panel Mount Isolators are EMC tested and provide protection against harmful noise, ground loops, surges, and spikes.

Wireless Radio Modems

Need to get a digital signal across a highway or river? Or just to the other end of your big warehouse? Zlinx radio modems can do the job faster.

AirborneM2M Industrial Dual Band WiFi

AirborneM2M Industrial Dual Band WiFi SmallThe AirborneM2M line of industrial wireless serial servers and Ethernet Bridge/Routers are built for networking equipment in an array of M2M applications.

AirborneM2M Industrial Wireless WiFi Access Point

AirborneM2M Industrial Wireless WiFi Access Point SmallThe AirborneM2M Access Point enables M2M equipment to create a sufficient Wi-Fi network and easy access to equipment data from WiFi enabled devices.

Zlinx Expansion I/O Modules

Zlinx Expansion I/O Modules SmallSeamlessly add wireless I/O to any Modbus application. Modbus is the most widely supported I/O protocol worldwide from PLC's to HMI's.

AirborneM2M Enterprise Dual Band WiFi Router

AirborneM2M Enterprise Dual Band WiFi Router SmallThe AirborneM2M™ line of enterprise Industrial LAN, Routers and Bridges are built for networking equipment.

Zlinx IO Base Modules

With Zlinx Wireless I/O you can now bring wireless remote I/O into any Modbus system. Connect a Zlinx modem to an RS-232/485 port of the Modbus master.