apc ups largeAPC by Schneider Electric offers power protection and management solutions from home to data center to industrial environments. Power availability and management for entry-level to high-performance servers, storage and business networking systems.

A wide variety of 3 Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply power protection systems, solves today’s energy challenges while setting the standard for quality and innovation with fully integrated solutions. PLC Technologies supplies the entire range of APC uninterruptible power supplies to the Industry.


smart ups small1KVA to 20KVA

The Smart UPS provides true double-conversion on-line power protection for servers, data networks, medical labs, and light industrial applications.

Galaxy 5500

galaxy 5500 ups small20KVA to 120KVA

The Galaxy 5500 is the latest in advanced 3 Phase APC UPS power management systems, engineered to increase performance and reliability.

Symmetra PX

symmetra px ups small10KVA to 500KVA

The Symmetra PX is a world class, redundant, scalable, 3 Phase UPS power protection system designed to cost effectively provide high levels of availability. Seamlessly integrating into today's state-of-the-art data center designs, the Symmetra PX is a true modular system.

Galaxy 300

galaxy 300 ups small10KVA to 40KVA

The Galaxy 300 provides trusted and reliable power supply protection for small data centers, commercial buildings and technical facilities.

Galaxy 7000

galaxy 7000 ups small225KVA to 500KVA

The Galaxy 7000 provides secured power solutions for medium to large data centers, Industry, Buildings, Mission Critical and Shore Connection environments.

Symmetra MW

symmetra mw ups small400KVA to 1600KVA

The Symmetra MW redefines high-power technology as a modular UPS in the 400-1600 kilowatt range. Ideal for large data centers, complete buildings, healthcare and critical protection requirements, the Symmetra MW can be scaled for rigorous and changing electrical demands.

Galaxy 3500

galaxy 3500 ups small10KVA to 40KVA

The Galaxy 3500 offers compact 3 Phase APC UPS power protection for commercial and technical facilities as well as industrial applications.


symmetra ups small6KVA to 16KVA

The Symmetra's modular, redundant architecture can scale power and run time as demand increases or when higher levels of availability are required.


Batteries, Cartridges and Modules

Our APC Batteries are tested and certified for compatibility to restore Uninterruptible Power Supply performance to the original specifications. Uninterruptible Power Supply Batteries will not last forever and at some point they have to be replace. We supply 3-5 year and a 10 year design life batteries.